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Our SPEAKERFLEX range has earned a firm reputation for the fidelity of its performance. SPEAKERFLEX is a robust studio and audiophile grade speaker cable employing the purest oxygen free copper (OFC) for applications including studio monitor systems, audiophile hi-fi systems, sound reinforcement, communications and even lighting control. Each version is PVC insulated and jacketed with high conductivity OFC conductors. Double insulation offers greater protection against accidental damage. Many have told us how good it sounds and how it has proven for them to be better than many of its often much pricier competitors. Try some an hear our outstanding SPEAKERFLEX for yourself...

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Our staple studio and audiophile grade speaker cable offering, the 150 has 2 x 1.5mm2 conductors and is recommended for speaker runs of 20m into 4 ohms, or 40m into 8 ohms. More...


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Our most popular studio and audiophile grade speaker cable, the 250 model, has 2 x 2.5mm2 conductors and is recommended for runs of up to 35m into a 4 ohm impedance, or 70m into 8 ohms. More...








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